We Live Here

Join in!

Residents of the Red Light District were asked in a letter to residents (PDF, 361 kB, in Dutch only) whether they wanted to make it clear to visitors that there are also people who actually live in the “Wallen” area.

All inhabitants are welcome to participate in this local residents campaign by appearing in a photo and/or providing a window or door to display a poster. The greater the number of people who participate, the more forceful the signal and the greater the effect. It is still possible to register by sending an email to communicatie.sdc@amsterdam.nl.


The “We Live Here” campaign is an idea of a group of concerned residents of the Red Light District and the City of Amsterdam’s campaign bureau. The photographic content was provided by Roos Trommelen. This campaign was designed and developed by Studio Pino and the code for the website was written by SolidFlux.