We Live Here
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Ap & Jacqueline’s Family


Ap (55) and Jacqueline (50), Tamer (22), Maite (18), and Morris (16) (Maite not portrayed) 

Ap and Jacquiline: “We have been living in this house for 22 years. We have always lived in this lively neighbourhood, except for a short break when we lived in Oud-West district, but we missed the hustle and bustle. We love going to the theatre, cinema, museums and local bars: all those are right around the corner. The Leidseplein area should be ‘framed’ as a culture district rather than a getting-drunk area.

We don’t mind the tourist crowds. It’s good for the economy. We simply thought this poster campaign was fun to join. The only thing we dislike are those pub crawls. But nightlife used to be more noisy in the past and the streets were dirtier. Bike traffic has increased, sometimes it takes a while before you can cross the street.”

Tamer: “I am studying in the east of the Netherlands and I miss the buzz, I even miss the tourists. Next year I hope to find a room in Amsterdam.”

Maite: “One day tourists saw me come out the door and they exclaimed: Oh my God! People live here!”

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