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  • I live here - Bram (c) Roos Trommelen-3-min

Bram Wulp (27)


Has lived at the Geldersekade with two friends for more than 5 years.

“I’ve not regretted moving here with my friends for a moment. OK, it’s attracting more and more tourists and there’s always something to complain about, but in general the good experiences outweigh the irritations. Plus you know where you’re going to live: in the heart of the city where you’ll find all the commotion.

The basement of our house is like a cellar, with steep steps leading down and a door below street level. For passers-by that causes some surprise. The other day I came outside via the basement, when a confused man asked me how I could possibly be crawling out of a house that was as small as a postage stamp. I couldn’t have described it better myself.”

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