We Live Here

Cécile van Unen (29)


Cécile van Unen (29), Zhenni Zheng (28) & Nemi Dupuis (28) on their doorstep.

Cécile has been living here for three years, Zhenni for a year and a half & Nemi for seven years. We think it’s great to live in one of Amsterdam’s oldest houses. Our house used to be the canal-side house to the front, while our neighbours in the Enge Kerksteeg live in the rear part of the property, but they are two separate houses now.

“There are the three of us living here. I’m not sure for how much longer, because all three of us have boyfriends. If one of us leaves to live with a partner, then the rest of us will leave as well. That’s a shame, because we think it’s a beautiful old house. On the other hand we’ll then be spared the hullabaloo. In recent years that’s become worse. It’s too touristy, especially on Friday and Saturday nights.”

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