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Ermers Family

Oudezijds Voorburgwal

Jehan (39), Coby (41), Feya (9), Kiki (8) and Tessel (6).

“Jehan and I bought this house in 2007, but I moved to the Red Light District 20 years ago. Our family has been living here for 11 years.

As a student I lived 150 metres down the street in an attic room. Then I moved in with Jehan, who had a house in Bos en Lommer, a western suburb of the city. Later on, when we came to view this house and I parked my bike in front of the door, my first thought was: ‘I’m back home.’ For me there was barely any need to view the place. It was rebuilt and divided into four apartments in 1999. In the distant past there was a liquor business in the property. That came to light while we were redoing the foundations for the rear section of our house, when all kinds of gin bottles were unearthed.”

Familie Ermers

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