We Live Here

Melchior (20) en Quinten (22)

Oudezijds Voorburgwal

Quinten: “My brother and I live here with our dad. I really like the ‘happening’ buzz, and by 2 in the morning when I’m ready to sleep it is quiet outside. If I do hear something like a car window being smashed I go over to see what I can do; I am a police volunteer. One time I saw a man being fished from a canal, he staggered off soaking wet. It was winter. I followed him and alerted the police. He might have frozen to death otherwise. Things happen but I feel very safe. The only thing I worry about are the crowds, if a sudden bang would make people panic it could end badly.”

Melchior: “I love this area. It’s the oldest part of the city. People take Instagram photos on our pretty stairs, for example a Chinese bride and groom, or people sit here eating fries. When we leave the house they say: oh sorry, do you live here? My brother is always doing hero deeds, he sees things I don’t even notice. I feel very safe. One time someone fell and broke Quinten’s door and immediately our neighbour was here to help. Overall it’s a real residential area with families and everything.”


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