We Live Here

Sander (28) & Suzanne (29)

Heintje Hoeksteeg

Sander: “We started sharing a house and renting from Stadsgoed 3.5 years ago. My bedroom faces the back of dozens of restaurants which can get smelly. Luckily I don’t experience much noise nuisance coming from the alley at the front side. Overall  I’m positive about living here. Right on our doorstep there are so many picturesque bars and shops, I love the buzz. There is great solidarity amongst neighbours. In an ideal world I’d own a house in the countryside and keep living here in Amsterdam, too. There’s just something about this area.”

Suzanne: “I like living in the historical heart of the city, there’s always something to do. I work in The Hague so it’s convenient to have Central Station so nearby. At times it’s not fun, for example when we find human excrement on our porch or when people keep me awake with their shouting. But on a quiet morning this district is like a beautiful open air museum, I hope visitors also see the beauty of it.”

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