We Live Here
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Soraja Hasnoe (34)


“I’ve been living here for 11 years. The area has become a lot more crowded. On Oudekerksplein you’ll sometimes see 20 groups of people on guided tours at the same time. It’s hard to sleep, tourists are often shouting beneath my window. I’ve tried many different types of ear plugs. Even in the daytime it’s sometimes hard to do something normal. Supermarkets, waffle cafes and prostitutes play loud music to attract customers. Half the week I cannot pass through the crowds with my groceries.

I have gotten to know many nice neighbours through this We Live Here project and I volunteer at the information center. Most of our visitors are decent tourists asking for directions. The noisemakers that we want to reach don’t come in. Perhaps in the future we could try to reach them directly at the airport or train station. I saw an enforcer taking open beer cans from tourists, which they had just bought; let’s hope tourists start spreading the word that ‘not anything goes’ in Amsterdam. I do still feel at home. All I want is a bit more quiet so that I can also enjoy my own beautiful, fun city.”

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